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To set up your application to be deployed with an automated system, you need a deployer account that has access to push your application.


Plan Name Description Price
space-deployer A service account for continuous deployment, limited to a single space Free
space-auditor A service account for auditing configuration and monitoring events limited to a single space Free

How to create an instance

After you create one of these service instances, you will see a new “user” in your org and space with a name made of 36 letters, numbers, and dashes as its unique identifier, similar to f6ab4cfb-6e6c-4b10-8585-3f39e740905c.

To create a service instance that can deploy applications, run the following command:

cf create-service cloud-gov-service-account space-deployer <SERVICE-INSTANCE-NAME>

If your service account only requires read access and does not need the ability to deploy applications, use the space-auditor plan instead:

cf create-service cloud-gov-service-account space-auditor <SERVICE-INSTANCE-NAME>

Obtaining credentials

Once you’ve created the service instance, you’ll want to obtain the username and password from it:


This will display a link to a page on Fugacious which contains your credentials. These can be used with the cf login command in automated deployment scripts.

More information

To use this service, see continuous deployment.

The broker in GitHub

You can find the broker here: